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Shahar Yaar" means city friend "Yar" is a word that fills your life with adventure, lips with countless smiles, heart with unmatched fun. And makes our life easy, throws the worries out of the body, and the answer to our every question is our "friends". In the same way, this platform will prove to be a friend of every city, which has complete information about each city and also the solution of every problem regarding tourism in any city, "Shahar Yaar" will not only guide you but will prove to be your partner like a friend.

If you are also fond of strolling, and often plan to explore any city on weekends, Or do you often have to go somewhere at the request of your wife or because of the stubbornness of the children? Or just like that whenever your bag gets packed, then you are often confused that you have to go but then where to go? What will be the budget? how will be the journey? What will be available through travel? How much will the rental cost? As a web of questions surrounds your mind, To find solutions, you take out your phone or laptop to do various types of research and find answers to your questions in different types of sites in different internet mediums.

So just to save your research time and answer all your questions on a single platform, a vehicle named "Shahar Yaar" has arrived, Who will prove to be your best friend in this journey of yours.

                Where you can get a virtual view of that city or region through videos, audios, travel guide-related articles, general information, travel blogs articles, current budget details, and exciting and beautiful pictures. After which you can easily ensure your trip, in which you can also enjoy the facilities of the city. And can make your journey through Shahar Yar even easier.

And you will not be able to stop yourself from going to that place after reading those stories, poems, and guide history.

So get ready for a virtual tour of every city, state, discovered, undiscovered, place of India.

In this virtual walk and realistic Travel, you will find

1. Poetic Documentary on Cities

2. Full-Length Documentary

3. Travel Guide

4. General information

5. travel advisor

6. Travel Partner

7. Rental taxi, bikes

8. Train Booking

9. Bus booking

10. Hotel and Flight Booking Facility

11. Updated Budget Details

12. Social Media Information

13. Current Affairs

14. Photos

Along with this, the goal of Shahar Yaar is to promote the local brands and small businesses of every small and big city, town through its videos. So that their business can be promoted through every stroller.

Thank you!